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Achieving Sustainable Development Goals on Water and Sanitation


40 minutes

About the Course

The Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly for the year 2030 include the promotion of clean water and sanitation. Advancing this goal could raise living standards for millions of people in Asia and the Pacific and is incorporated in the Asian Development Bank’s Strategy 2030. This lecture will explore the key role public policy can play in accelerating water and sanitation infrastructure growth. It features an assessment of project case studies in the region.

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Asian Development Bank Strategy 2030 (4 minutes)
  • Unit 2: Water and Sanitation Sustainable Development Goals (13 minutes)
  • Unit 3: Multimedia Case on Sanitation (8 minutes)
  • Unit 4: Evaluation of Urban Sanitation Projects (7 minutes)
  • Unit 5: Paradigm Shift for Accelerating Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (7 minutes)

Learning Objectives

Build understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals’ focus on clean water and sanitation, related infrastructure project lessons learned in Asia and the Pacific, and policy next steps.

How to Complete this e-Course

  • Watch 5 short video lessons
  • Review assigned open access reading materials
  • Submit an Evaluation Form on course key points
  • Certificate issued upon completion of course requirements