Climate Change and Sovereign Risk

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Climate Change and Sovereign Risk
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Climate Change and Sovereign Risk


40 minutes

About the Course

This course examines ways climate change affects the cost of sovereign borrowing—the interest rate on debt issued by a central government that determines debt servicing costs. It explains how these dynamics could hinder public investment in climate-resilient infrastructure and broader climate adaptation, exacerbating climate risk exposure and debt sustainability, and explores the example of Southeast Asian economies highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. It also describes policy solutions for mitigating climate-related sovereign risks and climate-proofing public finances across Asia and the Pacific and beyond.

The course consists of 4 units:

  • Unit 1: Conceptual Transmission Channels (11 minutes)

  • Unit 2: Stylized Facts for Southeast Asia (9 minutes)

  • Unit 3: Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Sovereign Borrowing Costs (14 minutes)

  • Unit 4: Mitigating and Managing Climate-Related Sovereign Risks (6 minutes)

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how climate change could impact sovereign borrowing costs
  • Develop an understanding of effective policy responses for addressing climate-related sovereign risks

How to Complete this e-Course

  • Watch 4 short video lessons
  • Review open access reading materials
  • Successfully pass quiz with a score of 8/10 or higher
  • Answer feedback questions
  • Certificate with unique ID will be issued upon completion of course requirements


John Beirne, Research Fellow, Asian Development Bank Institute


Lilian Tan, E-Learning Consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute

Email: [email protected]

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