Demographic Transition and its Impacts

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Demographic Transition and its Impacts
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Demographic Transition and its Impacts


47 minutes

About the Course

This course explores global demographic transition, with a focus on population aging, its economic effects, and policy next steps. It is divided into 4 units:

Unit 1: Demographic Transition and Trends (15 minutes)

  • Demographic transition overview
  • Population aging
  • Global population outlook

Unit 2: Impact Analysis (10 minutes)

  • Impacts of demographic change on advanced and developing economies
  • Impacts of aging population on economic growth: two scenarios

Unit 3: Challenges and Policy Implications (10 minutes)

  • Population aging challenges
  • Macroeconomic variables and fiscal sustainability
  • Iron Law of Intergenerational Transfer
  • Implications of current policies

Unit 4: Policy Recommendations and COVID-19 Considerations (12 minutes)

  • Macroeconomic policies
  • Reorient social security systems
  • Financial innovation and cooperation
  • Labor market reforms
  • Improving data and analysis
  • COVID-19 impacts on the elderly and policy responses

Learning Objectives

  • Better understand the economic impacts of demographic transition
  • Examine different population aging scenarios
  • Assess policy options for addressing demographic change

How to Complete this e-Course

  • Watch 4 video lessons
  • Review open access reading materials
  • Submit an evaluation form
  • Successfully pass assessment quiz with a score of 8/10 or higher
  • Certificate with unique ID will be issued upon completion of course requirements


Pitchaya Sirivunnabood

Pitchaya Sirivunnabood, Capacity Building and Training Economist, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)


Lilian Tan, E-Learning Consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute

Email: [email protected]

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