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Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, and Financial Education in Asia

About the Course

Improving access to financial services in Asia and the Pacific could boost living standards for millions of people as well as innovative startups and small businesses vital to sustainable growth. To fully capitalize on increased access to financial services in Asia and the Pacific will require tackling low levels of financial literacy among its emerging economies. This lecture will examine challenges and opportunities related to financial inclusion, financial literacy, and financial education in Asia, including their implications for economic and financial development and financial stability.

Learning Objectives

Build understanding of the status of financial inclusion in Asia as well as strategies for tackling barriers to greater financial inclusion, financial literacy and education, and associated risks.

How to Complete this Course

  • Watch 5 short video lessons
  • Review assigned open access reading materials
  • Submit an Evaluation Form on course key points
  • Certificate issued upon completion of course requirements

Assigned Reading

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  • Atkinson, A., and F. Messy. 2013. Promoting Financial Inclusion through Financial Education: OECD/INFE Evidence, Policies and Practice. OECD Working Papers on Finance, Insurance and Private Pensions 34. Paris.
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