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Fostering Growth and Inclusion in Asia’s Cities


40 minutes

About the Course

This lecture describes ways to build the capacity of Asia’s cities to boost growth and employment. The focus is on sound urban planning, efficient public transport, and affordable housing. It is divided into four units:

Unit 1: Urbanization in Developing Asia (10 minutes)

  • Status and trends
  • Relationship between urbanization and economic growth
  • Natural cities based on nighttime lights data

Unit 2: Urban Agglomeration Economies in Asia’s Cities (6 minutes)

  • Benefits of agglomeration
  • Cities, firms, and jobs: Some new evidence

Unit 3: Managing the City as a Labor Market (19 minutes)

  • Planning for urban expansion
  • Adequate affordable housing and housing policies
  • Coverage, efficiency, and affordability of public transportation
  • Economic development and the role of governments

Unit 4: Urban Systems and Development (6 minutes)

  • Planning for urban expansion
  • Policy implications
  • Conclusion

Learning Objectives

  • Better understand the patterns of urbanization in Asia and the implications for economic growth
  • Learn about policy options to make urbanization work for all
  • Emphasize the role of city planning

How to Complete this Course

  • Watch four short video lessons
  • Review open access learning materials
  • Submit an evaluation form
  • Certificate issued upon completion of the course requirements


Matthias Helble, Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)