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Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic


55 minutes

About the Course

This course examines shifts in infrastructure needs during the COVID-19 crisis and ways to advance new projects critical to sustainable and inclusive recovery amid difficult post-pandemic financing conditions. It explains how green bonds and public-private partnerships can mobilize infrastructure investment and policy next steps.

The course is based on policy guidance produced by the Group of 20’s (G20) official think tank engagement group, the Think20 (T20), and provides valuable insights that are applicable to both developing and developed economies. It consists of 4 units:

Unit 1: COVID-19 and Infrastructure Needs (15 minutes)

  • Changing infrastructure needs
  • Public financing shortfalls
  • Resetting policy priorities
  • Focus on social, sustainable, and digital infrastructure

Unit 2: Introduction to Green Bonds (10 minutes)

  • What are green bonds
  • Data and statistics
  • Green bond policies
  • Recommendations

Unit 3: Financing Infrastructure Development (18 minutes)

  • What are public-private partnerships (PPPs)?
  • How PPPs are financed
  • Role of digital technologies

Unit 4: Infrastructure Outlook and Moving Forward (11 minutes)

  • Additional factors for successful infrastructure development
  • Key takeaways
  • Role of the G20 and moving forward

Learning Objectives

  • Better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed infrastructure needs
  • Acquire broad, practical knowledge on addressing infrastructure financing challenges
  • Learn how infrastructure development can support sustainable economic recovery

How to Complete this Course

  • Watch 4 short video lessons
  • Review open access reading materials
  • Pass a multiple-choice test with a score of 8/10 or higher
  • Answer 2 brief feedback questions
  • Certificate issued upon completion of course requirements