Energy Economics, Environment, and Policy

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Energy Economics, Environment, and Policy
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Energy Economics, Environment, and Policy


1 hour 10 minutes

About the Course

This course examines current fossil fuel and renewable energy sector challenges and policy imperatives at local, national, and global levels. It is divided into 4 units:

Unit 1: Energy Pricing (18 minutes)

  • Determinants of energy supply and demand
  • Key monetary policies affecting energy prices
  • Trends in the global energy sector

Unit 2: Macroeconomic Impact of Energy Price Fluctuations (14 minutes)

  • Energy demand in Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and the United States
  • Relationship between energy prices and economic growth
  • Association of energy prices and general price levels
  • Impact of higher energy prices on supply and demand

Unit 3: Achieving Energy Security (13 minutes)

  • Definition of energy security
  • “4-A” framework of energy security
  • Case study: Assessing energy security in Central Asian countries
  • Related policy implications

Unit 4: Financing Renewable Energy Projects (24 minutes)

  • Challenges for low-carbon project development
  • Enabling conditions of green finance
  • Case study: Waste-to-energy project leverage, transparency, and results
  • Conclusions and policy recommendations

Learning Objectives

  • Explores key energy economics issues, including pricing mechanisms, macroeconomic impacts of energy price shocks, the importance of energy carriers in developing and developed economies, and energy security.
  • Analyzes policy options for addressing renewable energy development, environmental sustainability, and green growth.

How to Complete this e-Course

  • Watch four short video lessons
  • Review open access learning materials
  • Submit an evaluation form
  • Certificate issued upon completion of course requirements


Prof. Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Tokai University, Japan

Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Professor, Tokai University, Japan


Lilian Tan, E-Learning Consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute

Email: [email protected]

Assigned Reading

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